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According to medical studies, the first symptom of heart disease is sudden death!

Arrival of long-awaited guests or a vacation abroad always bring joy and happiness. But sometimes undesirable medical problems occur, including hospitalization. And then the joy turns into pain and huge bills for medical services.

Medical insurance for tourists in Canada (Visitor insurance).

A day stay in a hospital in Toronto costs $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the kind of medical treatment needed! Even a visit to walk-in clinic could cost you $130-150! Plus drugs, follow-ups and so on.

You can buy an insurance for your guests or they could buy it for themselves. In any case, please, note: the insurance policy should be bought before the start of the trip! If the policy is bought after the traveler came to Canada, there are some restrictions.

The approximate cost is (depends on the health conditions), CA$ per day:

Coverage/AgeUp to 2526-3435-3940-5455-5960-6465-6970-7475-7980-8485-89

For age 80+ – no pre-existing chronic conditions are covered (except for the coverage $200,000 for the age 80-84)

● The buyer could choose different deductibles (from 0 to $2,500 per policy). The higher the deductible amount the lower the price.

● You can buy a larger amount of coverage – up to $300,000.

Medical insurance for Canadians travelling abroad (Travel insurance).

Many of us love to travel. The Caribbean, Europe, China, the USA, etc. We pay a lot of money for the trip. It could be a $1,000, could be $10,000. And it looks strange that some of us are trying to save money on Travel insurance. How much could it cost? From $5 dollars and up depending on the length of the trip, health conditions, and the destination. And the coverage is huge – it is either $5,000,000 or $10,000,000!

Remember, a broken arm could cost you about $30,000! A day in a hospital – from $500 to $6,000.

And another tip: Travel insurance is tax-deductible as personal medical expenses!

The approximate cost, CA$ per day:


Days of trip/Age0-3031-3940-5455-5960-6465-6970-7475-7980-8485-89


Days of trip/Age0-3031-3940-5455-5960-6465-6970-7475-7980-8485-89

* Prices for the ages 60 and up depend on the answers to the Medical Questionnaire. Prices shown in the tables reflect the Questionnaire with all the answers as “No”.

You have to buy the insurance from a licensed insurance agent. You can also obtain it through the internet, a bank teller, a travel agent, or from your credit card, but they all, first, don’t have a license, second, cannot represent you if you have to contact the insurance company, and third, could not explain all the details and restrictions and you can end up paying a lot of money just because no one told you what to do.

Visitor and travel medical coverage is cheap and affordable, and it will protect you from large financial losses. Always buy these insurances! And then you could welcome your guests or travel out of Canada with lightness of heart and enormous pleasure!

You do not have to meet me to buy an insurance policy. Just call or send me an e-mail and I will arrange it for you.

Transfer the burden of your medical expenses to the insurance company!

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