Financial reconciliation solved

Modfin's platform eliminates reconciliation needs by turning raw financial data into a structured transactional ledger for precise accounting, reporting, and financial operations
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Over 2 billion
entries booked
$1 billion+
in payments reconciled

Let Modfin build your unified accounting data backbone to give you detailed, accurate information and let you quickly respond to business needs

Collect financial data from any source
Capture both internal and third party data to give you a holistic view of your business building on our expertise in dealing with complex financial data
Create and maintain a unified source of truth
Maintain data accuracy through a high-performance transactional ledger to seamlessly scale your business
Empower your team with better financial data
Improve your accounting processes and financial operations, understand discrepancies and access detailed reporting by using standardized, reconciled financial data
Data ingestion
Use our no code solution instead of your engineering resources to collect your financial data from any source. This includes standardizing and structuring bespoke operational data as well as connecting third party providers
Custom transformations
We create clean, event-driven financial data flows out of the most complex operational systems. You can rely on our decades of experience building financial systems
Pre-built connectors
Use our ever growing list of pre-built connectors to easily integrate third-party data from payment processors, banks and ERP systems
Data unification
Hold your financial data within a transactional ledger in a common format to make iterating on your financial process easy and complex reporting trivial
Double entry
Double-entry accounting is the standard for storing financial information because it significantly reduces errors and eliminates the need for complex data transformations
Audit ready
Full tracking of your transaction chain and payment lifecycles to make audits painless
Highly scalable
Modfin provides you with an infrastructure that scales to billions of transactions without compromising data quality
Reconciliation toolkit
We use intelligent matching and flagging in the Modfin platform to identify unreconciled transactions as they occur so you can resolve immediately. This eliminates the need for reconciliation later
Root cause research
Understand the reason behind every mismatch on a transaction level. Our intelligent matching algorithm will highlight the cause for any unreconciled transaction
Track resolution
Follow unreconciled transactions and track the progress as they get resolved
Financial reporting
Use the power of the Modfin ledger to effortlessly create custom, advanced, transaction-level financial reporting. Modfin will feed data into your ERP system and export to a data warehouse for custom applications
General Ledger compatibility
Sublegdgers aggregate into GL accounts and maintain transactional data so you can choose the right ERP system and not stress about a complex migration
Data warehousing
Modfin can feed data into most common data warehouse systems for further analysis and custom applications Connect your favorite business intelligence tool for transaction-level analysis
Can't recommend Modfin and the team there enough. Their transactional ledger has offered our business the flexibility to help scale our company and product even as we look to define that ourselves.
Modfin provides our source-of-truth subledgers and advanced business intelligence that helped us manage our payables and receivables while scaling to over 100,000 items sold daily.
We run our community lending operation on Modfin, which is the only platform flexible enough to handle our unique product offering and support our crowdfunding effort.

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