Modfin embeds fintech solutions

Modfin serves as the vital link between finance and technology, offering embedded solutions to simplify the management of financial operations and accounting. Built by a team with extensive experience in developing, launching, and nurturing innovative products, Modfin was born from our struggles in the industry. We felt the need for a platform that would allow companies to rapidly launch, test, and refine products without the burden of dealing with financial data, payments and extensive reporting, and enable the quick adaptation of financial structures best suited for the business.

This need served as our inspiration to create Modfin, a financial data platform that is easy-to-use and highly adaptable to complex scenarios. With a simple API, you can effortlessly capture diverse financial data, transform it into a transactional ledger, and access it real-time at any granularity.

Our expertise

We have deployed numerous financial data solutions at large corporations and startups across various industries, including e-commerce, lending, marketplaces, fintech and others. Led by fintech veteran Gabor Foldes and Frey Waid, a Silicon Valley tech leader and early Modfin customer, we understand that every business is unique, resulting in customized financial workflows. That is why we created a system that can be tailored to your specific requirements without writing any additional code. Reach out to us, and we will help create a solution that aligns with your business.

Our commitment

Modfin's vision is to provide businesses with an easy-to-implement, scalable, financial data backbone that can adapt to their evolving needs. We are committed to staying at the forefront of fintech innovation and providing the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our difference

We empower businesses to streamline and scale their financial operations. Modfin is the partner you can trust to help you navigate the complex world of financial data management, so you can focus on your core mission.

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